Hi, and welcome to our webpage!
We’re electric sheep, a(nother) cover band, based in Zurich and formed by a bunch of nerds about 11 years ago. Our repertoire comprises a wide spectrum from 60s rock to pop music and today’s chart hits. That’s right, we try very hard to please you all out there!
electric sheep started off playing at student parties and moved on performing at private parties, weddings, corporate events, football tournaments, bars and pubs by word-of-mouth recommendations. In the last couple of months, we’ve been booked by the indian restaurant “Tamarind Hill”, a place that allowed us to proove that we’re not just a band for the party people, but also, we’re capable to tone it down and play with just a single amp! Alright… there’s not much space for another anyhow.
Playing in a band is not just fun, it also requires lots of work, patience and creativity. The flock has seen band members come and go, but the love and passion for music and the positive feedback from the audience kept us going. At this point, a huge THANKYOU to all of you!
And to those who will see us play in the future: Thanks for coming!
Word to the herd…
electric sheep
PS: Contact us at Info(@)electricsheep(.)ch or connect with us on Facebook Electric Sheep Zurich